45 Winchester Magnum AK Build Project


Progress update

Latest - She lives!  Test fire is successful.  Test loads were from the middle of the reloading chart, not too hot.  I believe the gas port is too small as the action doesn't cycle.  The bolt carrier moves back about 1" and that's all.  I need to open up the gas port to bleed more gas into the action.  I may need to review my (custom) gas piston to see if it is too sloppy and is allowing too much gas to vent.

As a result of the short cycling action, I am unable to confirm my magazine functions correctly.

Need to get the spring loaded firing pin working; should be a quick fix





The rear trunion is based on the Groza design - a folding design to allow the buttstock to be swung away for disassembly without requiring removal with tools. 





The cartridge.



Magazine and Follower

The follower is the same as in the other pics, with the new addition of 15 degree cuts along the sides to let the follower move up into the new magazine taper. 

"The Wedge" - a mandrel to enlarge the rear width to .900" in order to prevent cartridge binding.  It is greased up and driven via pushrod on the press through the entire length of the tubing.  Mandrel is used first before anything else.

New feed lip design.

Radius cuts are made on the front sides approximately .345" deep, approximately 1/3-1/2 way back.

Next, cuts are made 1.1" deep on all corners with a skill saw, band saw, etc.

First bend is the very top edge of the sides, approximately 1/8" deep, approximately 30-45 degrees inward and filed smooth.

Next bend is made by loosely securing the magazine lengthwise against a metal plate so that a chisel (or wedge of some sort) can be hammered in-between the plate and the outside edge of the magazine.  I found my vise can loosely hold the pieces and makes hammering easier.  Hammering is more tapping than hammering - the point is to bend the sides inward smoothly and consistently.

Hammer the side of the magazine inward to approximately 12-15 degrees down to the 1.1" mark.  The sides should just overlap the end pieces.  When complete, the follower should allow the last round to pop up to the center feed position.


AK-style locking lugs will be built and spot welded onto the magazine body just like I did with my SVU build.



The magazine... in progress.


I have estimated it will hold 28 rounds, not my goal of 30.  I cut the steel at 8.5 inches.  I think 8.5" will be enough for 30 rounds once I get the measurements down pat.

I modeled the floorplate it after a Suomi 9mm magazine. 


That is a G3 follower cut down to fit.  I had to trim it down 1/4" after my first attempt at a floorplate didn't work.  I also hammered the feed lips too deep, and I have to trim them down a little bit.

It seems to function fine when hand-feeding...  The only thing I need to work on is trimming the very front of the magazine so the rounds can load up into the feed ramp, and how to keep the front of the follower from popping out of the magazine.  On a G3 mag, there are little tabs bent inward to keep the follower in place when empty.  I think I can cut the front down and fold it inward to secure the follower.