AK SMG and Pistols

AK Projects


  • AK-101 = Rifle-length barrel 5.56x45
  • AK-102 = Carbine-length barrel 5.56x45
  • AK-103 = Rifle-length barrel 7.62x39
  • AK-104 = Carbine-length barrel 7.62x39
  • AK-105 = Carbine-length barrel 5.45x39
  • AK-74 = Rifle-length barrel 5.45x39

 -N designation is for rifles with scope mount.  Normal deployment does not issue scopes, and scope mount on the -N rifles is intended for night vision devices, hence the "N" designation.


"The AK-47: When you absolutely, positively, have to kill every mutha
fucka in the room, accept no substitutes!" - Ordell Robbie



Pics from the 2008 Russian incursion into Georgia.  Of note are the use of "legacy" items such as the AKSU and 1P29.  I believe pics of the troops with the G36 are Georgian.




Various "action" pics from different sources around the web.  Most of these are newer pics showing the newer Russian 'digital' uniform (looks very similar to the German Flectarn pattern) and various "new" optics and mounts.







Polish Beryl (or Tantal?) with Eotech sight: 


Additional images of FSB Alfa troops using (or testing?) "Western" style configurations... AR buttstocks, EOTech (or equivalent) holo sights and magnifiers, and picatinny rails with various attachments.  Pics from 2008-2010 timeframe:





Magazine dump bag - possibly a converted buttpack?