Pressing Barrel


The Walt-Oxie adjustable jig - one of the best, low-cost jig to press a barrel:


Examples of machined (non-adjustable) pressing tools:

My press configuration for pressing components.  Several items of note:

1) the need to place the press on blocks (or ammo cans) for 24" barrels (such as PSL, etc);

2) the press blocks are 1" square with a hole drilled between them to center the barrel in-between the blocks

3) the use of C-Clamps to brace the blocks in order to keep the assembly from flying apart



Working example from my Plum kit.  Note that in order for the press to clear the receiver, I ground off the sides of the press block to form a "finger" that mates to the rear of the trunion:

DSCN4265.JPG (157836 bytes)   

I tried it like this first, and had no success:

DSCN4266.JPG (156893 bytes)    DSCN4267.JPG (162570 bytes)   

Finally, I tried it with the receiver upside down, and everything "just worked":

DSCN4268.JPG (163887 bytes)   

Nearly complete. Once the barrel starts moving on these '74 kits, the barrel goes in with nearly no effort. No barrel lube is needed:

DSCN4269.JPG (174757 bytes)