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Those in the home-building circles are among the most legality-conscious people you will meet.  We enjoy building things, not worrying about getting arrested, and therefore take great care to ensure we stay on the happy side of the law.  In some cases we know more about the law than the local law enforcement people we encounter!  Just goes to show how restrictive the laws can be...


This is information I've collected from the web.  It is therefore subject to error. 


It is here for your viewing entertainment and not intended to be an authoritative reference.  Seek authoritative legal counsel whenever you have any sort of firearms legality question.  I'm not a real lawyer!  You should seek legal advice from the ATF and a lawyer if you want real legal advice.


James Bardwell's ATF Letters Website


The SellingBuilds letter identifies several key points:

 - The status of the pistol grip for "tommy gun" style front pistol grips

 - The ability to reweld on sections of a discarded receiver

 - The legal requirements that catergorize an AK receiver as a machine gun

 - The need to mark a home-built receiver that is transferred to another party

 - The limitations of a C&R license WRT building vs. collecting