Gathered these from around the web - use these when working w/ your flats

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  • AK Receiver Blueprints
  • Lower Rails
  • Side-Folding AK-100 Stock
  • Underfolder Stock
  • AMD-65 Rear Sling Swivel
  • AMD-65 Rear Trunion and Sling Swivel
  • AK-100 pistol grip plate
  • Safety Selector Stop
  • Yugo SKS Grenade Launcher Spigot
  • Yugo M70 Grenade Launcher Spigot
  • AKS-74U (Krinkov) Barrel Profile
  • Saiga-12 Latch


AK Receiver Blueprints

PDF templates

AK47receiverplan_rev2.pdf (Dr. Strangelove's plan)

AK_Template_Ace.pdf (older)

AK_Template_Acev2.pdf (newer)


DXF format file 

Use the eval version of DeltaCad to read/print this file.  

IMPORTANT: Set regions to print at a  1:1 setting:


(zipped) dxfTEMPLATE.zip

This has proven to be the most accurate template, and I have measured this against my Norinco NHM-91 and my Hesse/Vulcan receiver - both matched up correctly.  YMMV.  The good thing about this is that you can edit it within your CAD program if you wish.


Visio Template

This was converted from the DXF template for use with Microsoft Visio.  This is editable from directly within Visio.  Used Visio 2003 to convert it.  The Microsoft Visio viewer utility can be downloaded for free from Microsoft.

Expect to see this template updated if/when new developments occur.


Bizon Receiver Template




Lower Rails 


(from hunterwarrior):

akrails.gif (18603 bytes)   


Side-Folding AK-100 Stock 

The "starting point" is the big hole, from which all the other measurements are made. That's why when you start to measure, you'll notice all measurements are in relation to that hole. It is referenced from the upper rivet hole, which is identical on all AKs.

That said, you COULD print this out and paste on the receiver, because it is to scale.  Best to measure, however.

Template scans:

(Full-sized pic): stock_plans_quartersized.jpg (68712 bytes)   (Quarter-sized pic): stock_plans.jpg (403171 bytes)   

Zipped (35k) Raw BMP scan is here (600k unzipped) (600k).

Same template in PDF (scan quality so-so):



Underfolder Stock

Assembly Diagram

Polish: polishunderfolder.jpg (26182 bytes)

Generic, both Milled and Stamped
(from aks-74u website)

normal:  underfoldingdiag.jpg (18044 bytes)  enlarged 150%:  underfoldingdiag_big.jpg (56565 bytes)

Template Scans

(from DrugRunR)

Full-Size: 18533Underfolder1.jpg (93120 bytes)    Half-Size: 18533Underfolder1-med.jpg (28302 bytes)


AMD-65 Rear Sling Swivel

Credit to Nartron

AMD_rear_sling_slot_location.jpg (19776 bytes)    AMD_2270751_1_s.jpg (21129 bytes)    AMD_22707dc_1_s.jpg (14104 bytes)    AMD_amdswi~1.jpg (190005 bytes)   


AMD-65 Rear Trunion and Sling Swivel

More info on its use is located on my AMD construction page, here

    AMD65_Template.JPG (40334 bytes)    


AK-100 Pistol Grip Plate

More info on its use is located on my trigger guard construction page, here

    Pistolgrip_Plate.jpg (146185 bytes)


Safety Selector Stop



 Yugo SKS Grenade Launcher Spigot



 Yugo M70 Grenade Launcher Spigot



AKS-74U (Krink) Barrel Profile



Saiga-12 Latch