I wanted to record some of my squeezing experiences, good and bad, with my new tools.  Shows usage and positioning of cutters in relation to the trunion and receiver.


From my Plum kit:

Front:DSCN4251.JPG (162629 bytes)    DSCN4252.JPG (168264 bytes)    DSCN4253.JPG (152104 bytes)    DSCN4254.JPG (174110 bytes)    DSCN4256.JPG (178816 bytes)   

Rear Right: DSCN4258.JPG (169260 bytes)    DSCN4259.JPG (162802 bytes)   

Rear Left:  DSCN4260.JPG (174617 bytes)    DSCN4261.JPG (163454 bytes)   


Testing fit.  "looks good":

DSCN4262.JPG (169723 bytes)    DSCN4263.JPG (160725 bytes)    DSCN4264.JPG (175899 bytes)    DSCN4270.JPG (159343 bytes)