Sight Block

AK-74 kit build

Screwing this one together so as not to deal with the head spacing issues.  The Hesse/Vulcan receiver.  Lovely placement of serial # info.  This will be my first and last Hesse/Vulcan receiver.  It does work, but I'm not impressed with the quality.  I could make a receiver w/ the same quality for less, and skip the FFL transfer fee, which DOUBLES the price of this $40 sheet metal receiver. :(

Official word on the screw sizes:
"Rear trunnion are 5mm, front trunnion fwd screw is 6mm all others are also 5mm. 6mm worked out best for the fwd trunnion holes because they measured just slightly bigger than all the other rivet holes."

Counting the receiver, overall I give this one an "8" in quality.

DSCN2810.JPG (374008 bytes)   

Drilled/tapped the trigger guard screws - 8/32 screws.

DSCN2904.JPG (167201 bytes)    DSCN2905.JPG (162518 bytes)   

Front trunion screws - due to larger hole size, used 1/4" fine thread screws here.

 DSCN2906.JPG (169976 bytes)    DSCN2909.JPG (167697 bytes)    DSCN2910.JPG (165998 bytes)    DSCN2911.JPG (170579 bytes)   

Vulcan front trunion has all holes pre-drilled, so the receiver sits a bit too far forward...

DSCN2912.JPG (160504 bytes)

The cross support started "weeping" brazing flux.  Causes some caking around the seam, and is really nasty looking.  The '74 kit's factory bayonet wire-cutter lug has the same kind of corrosion caking.  Looks like rust is seeping from the seam.

 DSCN2913.JPG (162895 bytes)   

Rear Chinese trunion, from my AK-103 clone project.  Screw holes match "OK"... had to egg-shape the holes to get the 1/4" screws to fit.  Why use 1/4" screws?  Because that Chinese rear trunion doesn't use 5/32" (4mm) rivets... looks like 5 or 6mm rivets (1/4").  1/4" screws are a tight fit, but they do work.  Would not want to repeatedly remove/re-set the screws because it is a TIGHT fit.  But it works.

DSCN2914.JPG (167155 bytes)   

Lovely - mag well is too far forward, because of the pre-drilled front trunion screws.  Technically, the front trunion screws are too far back & too low.  So the mags simply don't fit, and the crunch is in the front area around the rails.  SO... trusty Mr. Dremel was used to tweak the areas, and the best results were when I used the dremel the mag release lever.  Still seems like a tight fit.  May need to dremel the rear-most part of the front trunion, where the magazine locks into place.

DSCN2915.JPG (178582 bytes)   

Test fired 60 rounds - functions perfectly.  Hesse/Vulcan doesn't heat-treat the ejector rails correctly, so I have abnormal wear around that area.  Plan to harden this before doing any recreational shooing using Kasenit from Brownell's.

DSCN2918.JPG (165935 bytes)