Bro got himself an AR!

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Look at me, I'm a nerd in camo:  :P

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BUSTED!  My bro saw this pic... 

"I just checked out your website and I couldn't help but notice your comment about me. "Hey look, I'm a nerd in camo" haha...very funny bro! hehehe"

His website is here:  http://members.cox.net/jdavis3/


Here's proof he cleans his gun once every few years... whether it needs it or not!  :)


His build looks nice!  It is built on a Model1Sales upper and I think a DPMS lower.  In the six years he's owned it the only issue he has only had is the extractor spring wore out and he has to get a new one.

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6.8 SPR

This is his "dream gun" he has built up over a few months:

-18" 6.8SPC stainless Recon profile barrel with a bead blast finish
-Mid length gas tube
-PRi Front flip up sight/gas block
-PRi Gen III Forearm Intermediate Natural Finish
-ARMS midlength swan sleeve (top rail)
-YHM A3 upper, M4 feed ramps
-Ops Inc Muzzle Brake and Collar
-YM National Match carrier
-ITS Super Bolt
-CMMG inc low (already had that part)
-Magpul PRS Buttstock
-ARMS throw lever scope mounts
-Sight Mark 3x9x42 mil dot green and red lighted scope
-NOT pictured: ARMS throw lever Harris bipod attachment/Harris bipod

Accuracy results - once he sighted in his scope he was able to get this pattern - not too shabby!  I think the Sight Mark scopes warrant some more research.