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VEKTOR CR21Attack Rifle





South Africa's R4, R5, R6 attack the rifle is 利尔 attacks in the rifle foundation in the Israeli gal to develop, except equips outside the South African national defense troop, the police and the paramilitary forces, but also foreign exports. Benefits to the AK series rifle principle of work reliability, has the suitable exportation quantity. But arrived for the 90's, the world light weapons had a bigger transformation, the exportation competition has been intense, the various countries' weapon factory promoted the many kinds of new generation to attack the rifle one after another, these gun multipurpose plastics, R4, R5 have lost the certain competitive ability. At the same time, the South African national defense troop also needs the new generation to attack the rifle to make the standard weapon to substitute for R4, R5 and R6. Thereupon the Uygur gram (Vektor) the company according to the military the request, begins to develop inherits the R5 series the new gun.

After the company completes the rifle basic structure design to discover the butt design is not good, difficulty with uses. Afterwards completed in under the Pan tower 拉夫 industrial design company's assistance has not held the type modelling design, finally made outlook unique CR21, the meaning is the 21st century small attacks the rifle. CR21 foreign was public in 1997, originally planned makes the South African national defense troop new standard weapon, but because the domestic economy still was not booming, the renewal plan caused to postpone, therefore at present mainly uses in to accumulate takes the foreign exchange.

CR21 is R5 not holds the aberration gun, has inherited the R5 internal structure. Therefore the principle of work still 利尔 attacked the rifle take the gal as a model, used card 拉什 Nepal Ke Fu to lead is mad the type automatic performance and the rifle bolt rotation lock mechanism. Above the barrel is loaded with the gas piston machine the frame, its around moves then the rifle bolt rotation, realizes the barrel and the rifle bolt opens, 闭锁. About the rifle bolt nose the spot is equipped with in a big way 闭锁 are suddenly many, by this suddenly bamboo shoots 闭锁 barrel.

R5(top) and CR21(next) receiver

(top) and CR21(next) rifle bolt [carrier]

R5(left) and CR21(right) rifle bolt

The CR21gun main body contour is unique, uses the high elastic black polymer mould pressing to take shape, about two sides take shape after the mould pressing, after high frequency welds the whole. Divides 主部 and latter on signs two parts, latter top head concurrently making machine 匣盖, and 主部 the buckle gathers through the plastic hook; Underneath 主部, on roughly constantly has assembled the R5 engine case and the barrel module, as well as along with gun some appendices and so on. Grasps the part in the firer which holds, the interior inlays has prevents 烫手 the plastic film. Right flank 抛壳 the hole place above and rear area has the baffle plate, guarantees in the fire the cartridge case to eject to the butt underneath does not disperse. Because the plastic interior quantity of heat is not easy to proliferate, therefore front end gun护木on, lower part is equipped with the air vent. Rear end has in a big way guards against 滑槽.

Plastic suspension hook

Plastic system main body

The butt base has the very big elasticity

[ejection port]

[Top of foregrip]

[Bottom of foregrip]

The barrel uses 冷锻 the processing craft to make, the chamber chrome-plating strengthens the resistance to wear, entangles is apart from 299mm. This kind the rifling which entangles is apart from most is suitable launches the SS109NATO ball. The muzzle flame dampener has 4 big trenches, 消焰 the effect is good, but also favor installs and launches the NATO standard 枪榴弹.

双排 the type magazine also is makes with the engineering plastics, through each kind of harsh experiment, the life reaches above 20,000 round. In other words uses the CR21 magazine which it makes to be allowed repeatedly to use 1,000 time. Some 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 35 round altogether 6 kind of capacities magazines supply the choice.


Magazine feed well

Pulls 机柄 is located above the gun main body left side, does not move along with the rifle bolt, stops in the fire process in the advance position. The speed machine switch makes with the polymer, is located in behind the gun main body the about two sides, the right-hand man may operate. About has two hypotheses positions, place above is the single shot position, underneath for launches in salvos the position.

Vertical grips, the trigger and the manual insurance these three parts is located the gun main body the central spot. Vertical grips the lower extremity to have the large-scale retainer. The trigger for 滑动式, the travelling schedule which the trigger buckle moves slightly long but is steady. The manual insurance is located in on the trigger front, is passes through the gun main body 横闩 the type, from right side thrust to left side when appears the red mark, indicates the arming.

[location of charging handle is suited to right-hand shooter]

[charging handle detail]


[Charging handle connecting rod]

[Charging handle touches to the bolt carrier]

The engine case is straight receives from R5, the original mark still in, indeed was the good method which economizes

Knob type speed seat on a plane behind gun

The speed machine has the list, launches in salvos two grades of choices


Trigger and [safety]

The trigger retainer is similar to AUG

CR21 does not have machinery aiming device. First is because does not have 托枪 machinery aiming device aiming baseline shorter, two comes also is now the light weapons tidal current to, therefore CR21 only is loaded with the reflection type optics telescopic sights, this telescopic sights have not enlarged the percentage, in the internal circle have by but actually V with the about level line combination aiming facula, the facula are a yellow, composes the sighting line the simple ten word and lines and the circle to be easier than to aim. This telescopic sights also extremely gathered the tidal current to use the double photosource, picked the optical window in the daytime using the telescopic sights crown to provide the photosource; The light is insufficient in the situation uses in the telescopic sights the tritium 光体 textile fiber illumination. The telescopic sights through inlay on its shell the feather piece and the aluminum system telescopic sights place joint, in the mirror place have two bolts, may separately carry on the height, the position adjustment.

In front of the telescopic sights has the control light quantity the light filter

Aiming [reticle]

Telescopic sights and gun host joint

Aims at the vertex of mirror to pick the optical window [light gathering receptacle for dayglow optics]

Although CRZI contour a little grotesque feeling, but uses extremely comfortably right flank, after the top head crown is specially left digs Cheng Da 弯曲度, to aims very advantageously. Moreover, the telescopic sights are loaded with the heavy-caliber eyelens and to 外突 the big lens hood, is advantageous for the observation; Specially in telescopic sights luminous spot, also is suitable the fast aiming also to suit the adjusted fire.Becausethe trigger buckles the strength steadily, is easy to grasp anti- hard the release opportunity, CR21 has the good hit precision. The polymer system gun main body has the good elasticity, causes CR21 the fire back seat 利尔 to attack the rifle the gal to be much smaller than, when fire in the muzzle jumps slightly, the gun launches in salvos when is easy to control.

R5 and CR21

Purchases complete set attaching which the CR21 user may result in


Disassembly steps

Grips the magazine, presses down the magazine 卡笋, takes down the magazine

Makes an effort to relieve behind the gun main body the after top head fixed hook

After grasps top head rear end, to upturns, again takes down

Dismounts the driving spring from the engine case

Takes out the [bolt carrier]

Presses down behind the engine case to insert the stick, dismounts the [retaining pin] 

Pulls gun host to the gun main body behind

Dismounts gun host from the gun main body

Dismounts the rifle bolt from machine the frame