Finally got a DSA!  "Its a FAL"...  :)  I have a scope cover and a Trilux sight for it.  The stock is long for me, and I plan to cut it down 1" to the shorter stock length.  I would not want to use this stock with winter clothing and/or body armor... I was happy to find she is sighted in out of the box - made cans dance at 100 yards and didn't have to touch it.  Recoil does seem lighter than my friends standard FAL used to be.  Overall very happy with the purchase.


stay tuned... I've acquired a "blank" that requires mill work. 

"The" schematic prints - not 100% accurate but enough to get a start.  Looks like most who have built their own follow the "fit and finish" routine to get the final measurements just right.

Rhodesian camo samples

Note the shorter stock on the folder - 



Unique Rhodie folder hinge and rear sight:




Rapid Fire FAL construction pics (don't remember the source, probably FAL files)