FNC Buffer



Some pics of my FNC & some improvement projects

Update Fall '06 - I sold my FNC when I moved into my new house.  I have every intention of finding a new one sometime in the near- to mid-future.


cmag4.JPG (373066 bytes)    cmag5.JPG (390159 bytes)


Fal handguard modified to fit the FNC.  Works surprisingly well.  I plan to use this for some prototyping work:

DSCN2653.JPG (171598 bytes)

A very close copy of the flash hider that Al Pacino used in the movie Heat.  This FH is threaded for a muzzle attachment, presumably a sound suppressor or barrel extension:

Collected images from around the web:

ak5_40mm.jpg (5407 bytes)    s_ak5_nykolv.jpg (87495 bytes)    s_ak5_vapenlampa.jpg (54684 bytes)    s_ak5_2.jpg (110665 bytes)    s_ak5.jpg (89999 bytes)  

s_ak5_skytt.jpg (69609 bytes)    s_ak5_polis.jpg (31234 bytes)    s_ak5_polis2.jpg (68082 bytes)    s_ak5d_test.jpg (42129 bytes)   

s_ak5_vapenlampa2.jpg (56370 bytes)    s_ak5d.jpg (50773 bytes)    narbild-pa-tva-ur-lsk.gif (122316 bytes)   

s_ak5isar.jpg (59323 bytes)    s_ak5isar2.jpg (43988 bytes)    nstebutt.jpg (126337 bytes)    nsteside.jpg (126494 bytes)    nsterside2.jpg (117033 bytes)    handguard.jpg (116230 bytes)