Other Bullpups


Pics of the Russian Groza system remain on Groza page. 

  • Current Military Issue/Production Bullpups
  • Commercial Market Bullpups and Conversions
  • Conceptual Designs and Prototypes
  • Home Built Bullpups



Current Military Issue/Production Bullpups

Bullpup SVD: The SVU

27-med.jpg (65244 bytes)   SVD_Dragunov_BullPup.jpg (69514 bytes)    SVU_10.jpg (33168 bytes)    SVU_16.jpg (31850 bytes)   

svua.jpg (23554 bytes)           


A-91 series




From Ukraine: Vepr Bullpup (based on AK-74)

     AK74_Bullpup_A.jpg (41959 bytes)    AK74_Bullpup_B.jpg (75916 bytes)    AK74_Bullpup_C.jpg (64024 bytes)   

vepr1.jpg (51970 bytes)    vepr2.jpg (54078 bytes)

Also from Ukraine:  Boar



Valmet M82 (Finland)

Valmet_Model_82_Black_And_White.jpg (48556 bytes)    Valmet_Model_82_Disassembled.jpg (81297 bytes)    Valmet_Model_82_Full_Auto.jpg (41223 bytes)    Valmet_Model_82_Left_and_Right_View.jpg (45484 bytes)


Armenian K-3 (based on AK-74)

K-3-2.jpg (40707 bytes)


Militech ASG-16d .410 shotgun conversion
(drum apparently based on Jackhammer design) I've read this is a movie prop mockup of the jackhammer

ASG-16d_410gauge.jpg (14736 bytes)


AWC G2 M-14 conversion (seeing limited use by IMI):

AWC_G2_M-14 Bullpup.jpg (17050 bytes)


Another IMI Bullpup, the Tavor.  Shown in Standard, Carbine, PDW, and Sniper configurations:



South Africa: CR-21.  This is a Bullpup derivative based on the SA Galil-based R5:

001a.jpg (19621 bytes)    more pics here:  SAR-21 / CR-21 Bullpup


FN .223 Bullpup - F2000/FS2000



FN 5.7x28 Bullpup - P90/PS90


Chinese Bullpup:

QBZ-95 in 5.8 caliber:


The commercial derivative in 5.56 by Norinco:


British SA-80 / L85


Croatian VHS (5.56). 

The prototype:


... and the reportedly finalized/improved design that was reportedly tested by Croatian SF in Afghanistan:



Steyr AUG



Commercial Market Bullpups and Conversions

The new Kel-Tec RFB Bullpup in .308.  According to an interview in the Aug/Sept 2008 issue of Special Weapons for Military and Police, Kel-Tec plans to produce the RFB in 5.56, 6.8, 6.5 Grendel, 7.62x39, and 5.45x39 approximately 12 months after the .308 model goes to market.  Stay tuned!


Kel-Tec's upcoming KSG shotgun




16" 223 model with custom paint:      "Gen 4" aka E4 model with 20" barrel     9mm    "Gen1" with FA:      7.62x39: 


A new M14 Bullpup conversion:  http://www.shortrifles.com



M1 Carbine Bullpup:  http://www.m1bullpup.com



Mossberg 500 Bullpup conversion

mosseberg_500_bullpup.jpg (4383 bytes)    More pics here


Muzzelite Bullpup conversion for both the Mini-14 and the Ruger 10/22


AK conversion "AKU-94" - wire-driven internal design that requires extensive modification.

    A modified model on a .223 AK:


Saiga-12 "Kushnapup" conversion, apparently from the UK:  www.kushnapup.com

List price advertised at $275 for the kit; listed as "currently taking orders".  Since it is stated to be a CAD design, I suspect the CAD production firm requires a certain number of units to produce at that cost.  Typically the way it runs.  Looks like a promising design, if the trigger pull is reasonable.


Conceptual Designs and Prototypes

Those listed are not considered "military/factory production" or commercial market designs.


M1 Carbine Bullpup conversion HEZI-1: http://www.advancedcombat.com/

hezi.jpg (29640 bytes)    hezi1.jpg (114532 bytes)    hezi2.jpg (29850 bytes)


FAL Bullpup display at 2003 SHOT show (?) from Ace riflestocks

6328FAL_Bullpup.jpg (46107 bytes)


Ace AR Bullpup conversion


BIN-21 5.56 (Polish I think)

BIN-21-1.jpg (12172 bytes)    BIN-21-2.jpg (39948 bytes)   


Other 5.56 (polish?):

BIN_roz.jpg (188872 bytes) 

Polish Jantar:

Boz 5.45x39 (AK-74 conversion)

BOZ-1.jpg (102112 bytes)


Korobov 7.62x39 prototypes:

204.jpg (59631 bytes)        

TKB-022: Uses a falling block action with a forward-ejection system.

Korobov-TKB-022PM.jpg (29416 bytes)    korobov1.jpg (33807 bytes)    Korobov-TKB-202.jpg (26477 bytes)   



TKB-408.jpg (67417 bytes)   

Various other Korobov designs:


Concept: G3 Bullpup

I got this idea after seeing a FAL prototype Bullpup.  Could be doable, haven't really examined my G3 close enough.  As cheap as you can get a G3 this may be a fun little thing to try.  A little work in Paint Shop and Viola:

concept_hk_g3a4.jpg (10533 bytes)



Home Built Bullpups

Pics of fellow home builders who build Bullpups


My .308 SVU Clone


Pantera (gunco.net forums) - built from 5.45x39 AK-74 kit

Pict0044.jpg (84134 bytes)    Pict0045.jpg (76279 bytes)    Pict0046.jpg (75887 bytes)    Pict0047.jpg (71403 bytes)


Use2B (Saiga12.com forums) - built from Saiga 12 shotgun with a Mini-14 muzzelite stock

12_ga_003s.jpg (83173 bytes)    12_ga_005s.jpg (67595 bytes)    12_ga_013.jpg (175070 bytes)    bullpup.jpg (334328 bytes)

Another S12 bullpup


Viz (Gunco) - 9mm AK-based design



Azhonkey (Gunco)


Keebo (Gunco)


Complete SKS Bullpup conversion, from a Russian Gun forum (builder unknown)



Complete Saiga-12 conversion, from a Russian Gun forum (builder unknown)



A free-floated complete conversion, from a Russian Gun forum (builder unknown).  Complete with custom wood stock!  The caliber may be 5.56x45/.223, based on the shape of the magazine.