Battle Rifles, Service Rifles, etc.  Only Mausers and Mosins so far! :)


My new 6.5x55mm Swedish Mauser - dad gave it to me:



My first Mosin!  Its a 91/30, Izhvesk dated 1942


The latest adaptation of the Mosin is the OTS-48K, a bullpup special purpose rifle. 

New features include a bolt handle extension, integrated bipod, flip-up sights, standard side-mount scope rail, adjustable buttstock, flash hider, and cheeckpiece.  Documentation indicates use of the 7x scope is typical.  Overall length is 1 meter.  All the remaining features from the original Mosin is maintained.







Mosin conversion to .30-06 caliber can be done.  Requirements are rather simple:

  • A new barrel assembly

  • The bolt head is surfaced flat to remove the rim of the 7.62x54R

  • The shortened bolt face is turned to accept the smaller diameter base of the .30-06 cartridge

  • The extractor is modified for the new cartridge

  • The magazine side panels are hammered flat to accommodate the rimless cartridge

Sounds rather simple, and for about $150 and some time on a lathe it sounds rather appealing.  Some conversions were made either around or just after WW2 with some of the surplus rifles that were available at that time.  No word on accuracy of groups, but in theory it should be really close to the specs of the original barrel that was used for the conversion.



SV-99 (.22LR)


SV-98: 7.62x54R match rifle.  As of Summer 2010, there are only 10 of these in the US.  More could arrive later.  I wish this one was mine! :)



Different Mosin-Nagant custom builds.  The accuracy is notable!