My SPAS-12

Found one at a gun show with the hook, magazine extension, and the new factory safety!  :)

Tony tries it out...

DSCN2585.JPG (181471 bytes)   

Tony took this pic when I had it in Semi mode.  Note the white shell case just above my fingers, and the new one sliding into battery in the breech of the gun:

DSCN2589.JPG (178935 bytes)

We actually fired 100 rounds through it that day.  Apparently it had never been cleaned, because the mode selector could not engage Semi mode, so after about 70 rounds (!!!) we could only use it in Pump mode.

DSCN2590.JPG (169318 bytes)    DSCN2592.JPG (167124 bytes)


I must say that after firing a few hundred rounds through it, I would not pick a SPAS as a "to go" gun.  Its double-safety design is cumbersome to reload and/or unload if the need presents itself. 

Therefore, it is my conclusion that hte best use of the SPAS would be that of a tactical entry or support for a tac team, where 8-9 shots would be "enough".  Another possible use would be that of a patrol cruiser, and in fact the hook is designed so that it can hang "over the seat" of a car. 

Those types of situations, all dealing with Law Enforcement, would be the only times that an 8-9 shot capacity would be more than enough.  In those rare instances where more rounds are necessary, the operator would need to be intimately familiar with, and adequately drilled with, the reload operation to ensure they can do it in a stressful situation. 

Still, the thing is a very intimidating weapon to bear in a standoff situation.  It says "I MEAN BUSINESS" much moreso than "your daddy's" shotgun.  That psychological factor can have an effect in those kinds of scenarios.