Uzi Buffer



Close-ups of my baby:

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Also info about the .40 S&W barrel I recently purchased from BarrelXChange from the Uzitalk.com forums:  BarrelXChange@aol.com

uzibarrel1.JPG (164145 bytes)    uzibarrel2.JPG (67204 bytes)   

Range Update #1 - the barrel rocks!  Conversion was a snap and because my Uzi was practically unfired when I bought it, however I needed to do some polishing work on the feed ramp.  Otherwise, this gets two BIG thumbs up!  I would expect that an Uzi with several hundred rounds through it would not need this polishing.

I heartily recommend this conversion to anyone who is undecided.  The recoil of the .40 is significantly greater than the standard 9mm.  The accuracy is about the same.  At 100 yards, I was keeping everything in an 8-9 inch group while shooting from the bench with iron sights.