A few images of some yugo rifles I've collected from different sources:




Yugo M21S

Latest version influenced by Valmet/Galil design.


More info on the M21 here: http://www.zastava-arms.co.rs/


Iraq NG using Yugo AK (from Reuters press):

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Apologies for the rough translation, but Babelfish gives a 'literal' translation and not a figurative translation... thus the reading is a bit difficult in some places but I think you'll get the meaning.

Former Yugoslavia produces AK rifle and versions

Former Yugoslavia grips the Si tower tile weapon company ( Zastava Arms, YU (Former) in At the beginning of 60's start to specially permit produces Soviet the AK-47 rifle, and hold its stationary mallet and folds the type metal gun holds the rifle distinction naming is the M64 type and the M64B type, but compare with prototype AK-47, M64/M64B 枪管 is slightly long. Afterwards sent again in the M64/M64B foundation displays several kind of distortions guns, for example the M65 light machine gun, M65 was similar with RPK, but had not used the ramming engine case, moreover 枪管 partially had the thread -like in 活塞筒 under radiator fin, accelerated 枪管 radiation.

The M65 light machine gun, uses with the M64 same engine case

M 70 series attack the rifle

Gripped the Si tower tile weapon company does to M64/M64B some Improvement, from 1970 The year starts minute alternate name it is M70 Type and M70A Latter Grips the Si tower tile weapon company starts again The special permission produces AKM With AKMS Attacks the rifle, and holds the stationary gun the rifle to be called M70B1 Folds the type metal gun holds the rifle to be called M70AB2 after Folds the gun holds span 640 mm Because of M70B1 With M70AB2 Is AKM With AKMS Rifle replica, although has some modification, but two basic structures were still same. Main The improvement place was installs in 导气孔 the spot 枪榴弹 launches the sights. Only has when needs to launch 枪榴弹, 枪榴弹 the launching device only then can install in the muzzle. Moreover, in 活塞筒 place above installed the guard plate. Moreover it 护木 each side has 3 radiations holes, but engine case structure and RPK similar, these all are one M70B1/M70AB2 and AKM obvious identification sign.


7 6 2 * 39 mm

Span 9 00 mm
枪管 is long 4 15 mm
Rifling 4, the dextrorotation, entangles is apart from 235mm
Aiming 基线长 372 mm
Effective range

400 m

Theory rate of fire

62 0 ~660 RPM


40 RPM

Muzzle initial speed

720 m/s

Magazine capacity

30 rds

Spatial 枪重 (contains magazine) 4560 g

Engine case and RPK similar, all has one suddenly block in the about two sides, this is M70B and the M70AB2 one obvious characteristic

The muzzle installs 枪榴弹 the launcher

Launch 枪榴弹 when leads is mad on the band 枪榴弹 the sights raises up

In wave black war M70 series

利比 in the advantage Asia civil war news picture, in the chart is Yugoslavian M70AB2 

(I gotta say, this guy is STUPID for choosing to stay dry vs. staying concealed - nice day-glow yellow raincoat there, pal (probably has holes in it now)


In the war child soldier - 2003 普利 whips the prize wins an award one picture, similarly is the reflection 利比 advantage Asia civil war picture

One United States military soldier fires M70 in Iraq (poplar 翊 provides)

M72B1 / M72AB1 light machine gun

The M72 light machine gun is M70 attacks the rifle the light machine gun, the basic structure and the M70 series is same, the majority spare part is general. Partially has the thread -like in 活塞筒 the under body tube radiator fin, is same with M65. M72B1 is the fixed wooden gun request, M72AB1 is folds the type metal gun request. Uses for parts 30 round arcs magazines or 75 round balls drums, shoots the drum 装弹 time weight is 2.175kg


7 6 2 * 39 mm

Span 1025 mm
枪管 is long 540 mm
Aiming 基线长 525 mm
Effective range

500 m

Theory rate of fire

60 0 RPM

Muzzle initial speed

745 m/s

Magazine capacity

30 / 75 rds

Spatial 枪重 (does not contain magazine) 5 0 kg

This is Saddam's son Wu Dai (now dead) at the dance party (Ai-Quds which Iraq produces) with M72AB1 the news picture which fires a gun to the day, because M72AB1 uses under turns the type folds the gun request, therefore some people mistake this are AKMS.

M76 sniper's rifle

The M76 sniper's rifle is former Yugoslavia attacks the rifle take M70A as the foundation development one kind of semiautomatic sniper's rifle, gradually substituted for former Yugoslavian 1940 at the end of ages productions launch 7.92mm 毛瑟 bullet M48 type magazine rifle and M68 type magazine type sniper's rifle. In addition also has launches M1908/30 Type 7.62 * 54mm R Ball and NATO 7.62mm Step of bullet two kind of models. The M76 sniper's rifle basic structure and AKM is approximately same, the obvious difference is: The caliber changes to 7.92mm 毛瑟 step of bullet; Only can the single shot, 枪管 lengthen to 550 mm Moreover, this gun uses 10 round attires may unload the type magazine 供弹. The gun oral area has 消焰器, 枪管 under has the bayonet stud. Besides uses the ordinary mechanical sights, but also is loaded with the magnification 4 time of optics telescopic sights.


7 9 2 ×57mm

Span 1 13 5 mm
枪管 is long 5 5 0 mm
Rifling 4, the dextrorotation, entangles is apart from 240mm
Effective range

10 00 m

Muzzle initial speed

7 20 m/s

Magazine capacity

1 0 rds

Spatial 枪重 (does not contain magazine) 4.2 kg

M77B1 attacks the rifle / light machine gun

M77B1 attacks the rifle in fact is M70B1 7.62mm The NATO standard caliber, mainly uses in to export. Except changes to launches NATO 7.62 * 51mm The step of bullet, 枪管 the rifling changes to 6 by 4, changes to accommodates the ball quantity is 20 round straight magazines. On the gun matches has can concurrently do 枪榴弹 the launcher 消焰器, but 枪榴弹 launches the sights is not fixed, but is needs temporarily to allocate according to the user.

In addition also has one kind of M77B1 light machine gun, actually is M72B1 7.62mm The NATO caliber, the basic structure and M77B1 attacks the rifle is same, 枪管 the spot also processes in 导气筒 underneath has the radiator fin. In the contour is uses the straight shape magazine with the M72B1 biggest difference.

  M77B1 attacks the rifle M77B1 light machine gun

7 6 2 ×5 1 mm

Span 990 mm 1025 mm
枪管 is long 500 mm 535 mm
Rifling 6, the dextrorotation, entangles is apart from 240mm
Effective range

6 00 m

800 m

Theory rate of fire

600 RPM

Muzzle initial speed

84 0 m/s

84 0 m/s

Magazine capacity

20 rds

Spatial 枪重 (does not contain magazine) 4. 8 kg 5.1 kg

M80 / M80A attacks the rifle, the M82/M82A light machine gun

M80 and M80A is Yugoslavia specially attacks the rifle for the exportation production NATO 5.56×45mm caliber, may launch M193 or the SS109 NATO standard ball, M80 is the fixed mallet request, M80A is folds the type metal gun request. Also sends in the M80 series foundation displays two kind of light machine guns models, M82 is wooden gun hold, M82A is folds gun hold.

  M80 M82 M85
Caliber 5 56 * 45 mm
Initial speed 920m/s 1000 m/s 790 m/s
表尺 firing distance 400m
Theory rate of fire 650 RPM
Magazine capacity 30 rds 20 / 30 rds
Entire 枪长 990mm 1020 mm 790/570 mm
枪管 is long 460mm 542 mm 315 mm
Rifling 6, the dextrorotation, entangles is apart from 178mm
Spatial 枪重 (does not contain magazine) 3.5kg 4 kg 3.2 kg
Aiming 基线长 439mm 498 mm  

M85 / M92 submachine gun

The M85 submachine gun actually is M80A reduces the gun 管型, 5 56mm The NATO caliber, the contour with is similar to AKS-7C4U, but 护木 two sides respectively have three radiations holes, moreover the sights obvious is also different with AKS-7C4U. In addition also has one kind of M92, basic is same with M85, but launches 7.62x39mm Caliber middle might step of bullet.