Belt-feed AK-47


SharpsShooter started it...




His build details for the original beltfed AK conversion:

  • The barrel, trunion, bolt, and bolt carrier are ak-47.
  • The receiver is scratch built form 1 1/2' by 2' retangular steel tubing. 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 x .12
  • The bolt carrier has a piece welded on the back of it for a m_60 return spring to connect to.
  • The weld piece aslo has a slot machined into the bottom for an extended FAL hammer to swing into to stike a spring retun extended ak firing pin.
  • On top of the welded piece is mounted a roller that rides in the feed cam slot of aMG-3 top cover/feed mechanism.
  • The gas tube is made out of a 12 ga barrel section and a larger gas piston is silver soldered to the originial ak gas piston to give the bolt carrier extra push to operate the beltfeed.
  • The belt is MG3 which holds the 7.62x39 cartridge not as tight as a RPD belt.
  • The gas relief holes in the gas tube are drilled at the end of the gas piston stroke to make the system a long stroke piston, again to give the bolt carrier extra push to operate the feed mechanim.
  • It ejects down low to the left and the ejected cartridges just miss the SAW-249 50 round cloth cartridge bag.
  • Rear sight is K98.
  • There is a front barrel extension fitte to the ak barrel to keep the pressure up longer inorder to aid in operating the feed mechanim.
  • The butt stock, pistol grip assy and the forearm are scratch built.
  • The fcg is FAL.
  • Flash hider is L1A1.
  • The gas port is drilled out to .187 dia.
  • The bi-pod is import RPK style.
  • The feed tray is alto scratch built.