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The Russian General-Purpose Medium Machine Gun

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PK MG Versions

USSR letter designations for the PK machine gun family:

Original PK (unimproved)

  1. PK - Basic gun with unfluted barrel.  Normally fired from a bipod, but it can also be mounted in the front firing ports of a BMP.
  2. PKS - PK designation when mounted on a tripod in a fixed position.
  3. PKT - PK modified for vehicle usage.  Designed for mounting in a tank or AFV as a coax. The sights, stock, tripod and trigger have been removed and it is fitted with a heavy barrel. The backplate has been replaced with a electrical firing solenoid. A emergency manual trigger and safety is also provided.


PKM (improved)

  1. PKM - A product improved PK with a unfluted barrel. Excess metal has been removed where possible to save weight.  A different flash hider is employed.  The Chinese model, designation M80, is the same.

  2. PKMS - PKM designation when mounted on a tripod in a fixed position.
  3. PKB/PKMT - PKM modified for vehicular use with the bipod, buttstock, and trigger removed. It uses an electric coil firing mechanism.   

There is a newer version of the PKM referred to as the "Pecheneg" and could be regarded as the PKM mid-life update.  Major improvements appear to be:

  •  Integral barrel shroud and new flute design (with redesigned handle) which forces cold air induction when the barrel heats up, and also redirects hot air away from the sight window.  Barrel also appears lighter due to this modification.
  • Simplified flash hiider
  • New Bipod design and location
  • Synthetic furniture.



Polish UKM-2000 - a PKM derivative in 7.62x51.  Information on the web indicates this rifle feeds from the left side of the receiver and uses an MG-42 style "pusher" feed mechanism.  This gun design was purportedly due to Polish adoption of NATO standardized 7.62x51 round.


7.62x54R Ammunition Designations

D: Yellow Tip = Heavy Ball: 182gr

LPS: Silver Tip = Light ball: 147gr = mild steel core

L: Unmarked = Light ball: 147gr = mild steel core


Parts Layout

moved to its own page due to the number of pics...

My mocked-up pics.  I'm working out the kinks for converting and building this to a LEGAL semi build. 




Good resource link:  http://club.guns.ru/eng/pkm.html 


Action Shots

...from various locations on the web. 

Nothing else needs to be said... 








Nice brass catcher on this Valmet!