PKM Parts Layout

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Thanks to Illya Kuryakin on Gunco for assitance in identifying some mystery parts.  Thanks, Ilya!

The long part on the right side in this pic is the ejector door latch, which apparently knocks the ejector door open during ejection.


Top Cover retainer spring


Gas Tube Retainer


Top Cover Hinge & Detent



Headspace Bearing (Barrel Retainer Bearing)




Gas Piston, Bolt & Bolt Carrier



Recoil Spring & Spring Guide Rod


Belt Feed Pawl & Cover



Cocking Lever



Riveted to inside of RH receiver


Ejector Port Cover

Unsure as to exact location, but based on the notch cut in the bolt carrier, this is the approximate location:


Trigger Pack Location

Note the engagement notch on carrier


Pistol Grip

Compared to AKM grip

Rail Location?

Note rub marks on LH side of carrier.  Possible location for a side rail?


Belt Box Mounting Lug

    (note orientation of bullet logo):

Spare Barrel

Rear Stock Tang

Note wear mark on top of tang from the top cover.  This lets us approximate the location of the rear of the receiver






Nice field-stripping poster:



Different gun layouts and close-ups:





Note the clamp-on picatinny rail and foregrip, as well as camo tape and scope:









VLTOR receiver pics

Their receiver is best defined as "PK clone" as it is not a true PK styled receiver.  Their lower dimple is actually a welded "plate" that is welded into the receiver.  Their rails are actually machined and riveted (welded?) to the receiver.  As the other images show, a true PK receiver doesn't have these milled/welded components, rather all is stamped/bent into the receiver.