BIZON: The Pistol-Caliber AK SMG


Building a Bizon in 9x19mm. 



Added new pics I've found on some Russian sites:

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Bizon-2 pics from the Factory website:

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Bizon-3 (latest version) bizon-3.jpg (31428 bytes)

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Put up some pics of the real Bizon SMG to show the modifications that are needed to modify an AK into a blowback/recoil operated configuration for pistol calibers... interesting to note that the internals of the Uzi are similar.  I suspect most blowback/recoil operation designs are the same:

These pics are all credit of Vlad:

1248Vlad_special3.jpg (22731 bytes)  BIgger pic:  1248Vlad_special_big.jpg (70465 bytes)

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I noticed 3 things of interest... the gun is DIRTY and needs to be cleaned.  Next, the barrel pin appears to be the full-length AKM style as used on milled receivers (and Chinese rifles).  Lastly, the ejector is larger than I expected it would be.

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The important things from these pics are the views of the bolt and carrier, to see the configuration of the bolt without the lugs.

This one may be a fake, can't verify.  If real, it appears to confirm what I have read that the Bizon can accept standard mags.  Will try to find more info on this one.  Update, looking over the RussianArms.info site, saw several Krink & Bizon builds that appeared to be custom or limited-production models.  So it looks like this is a real model but possibly a customized version, probably for OMON or Spetznatz use:

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Good-quality pics from russianarms.info:

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Update - a new 9x19mm model called the "Vitiaz":

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Factory presentation pics.  Note the optional Picatinny rail on this model - from the Russian factory! 





Azhonkey's home-built swappable-barrel pistol caliber AK that uses an Uzi trunion and barrel cap:



Additional Photos -

Some pics from Rhino (pretty sure) - concept pics visualizing the alterations to the bolt and feed area.  He's working on a .45 ACP mod using Thompson mags.

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The Master SMG (9mm)

1698Master-med.jpg (33660 bytes)   

Exploded view of the US-built Calico helical drum magazine.  Pretty sure the patent has already expired.  I'm not using this design, I'm using a worm-drive mechanism similar to that found on a grain feeder or meat grinder.

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