Site Updates


2/24/2010:  Added a few pics to the VZ images; added a little more info to the P90 page;

8/13/2011:  Added new pics of FSB AKs configured with Western gear; added final STG-940 build project pics and additional reference pics and articles; VZ project completion images; Added a few barrel press pics; Added some different Rifle images; interesting AK suppressor pics; even more Bizon and Vityaz pics; PKM pics; Russian launcher pics; more 9x39 reference info; SP4 info;

1/17/2011:  Added some pics to my dad's 6.5x55 AK build page;  found more Bizon and Vityaz pics;

1/12/2011:  Updates and additions to Bullpups page; Added some FAL pics;  Added some Galil pics; Added some sling/pouch pics; Added some Action Pics to the AK section;

8/3/2010: Added some Wieger STG-940 pics; Added some HK Heavy Bipod pics and info; Added a huge number of Groza, 9A-91, AS VAL, RG-6, and other Russian rifle pics to my Skydrive pic site; Added some Galil scope rail pics;

6/19/2010: Added some pics of the Russian RPK-74 belt-feed prototypes; Added some Sako info to the Galil page; Added some Stargate sling info to the P90 page; Found another pic of the MG42 spade grips; Added lots of 9x39 rifle pics and reorganized a little;  Added a few pics to the 37mm page; Added pics of various parts and accessories including brass catchers;

6/18/2010: Added some more cartridge pics to the SP4 info page; Found another STG-940 pic; found more Bizon and Vityaz pics; Found some pics of Groza internals; Found some more Bullpup pics; Added Revolver Shotgun images and Saiga-12 images;

4/28/2010: Added range results for my brother's 6.8 AR; Small updates to Shotgun Reloading page;

4/8/2010: Small update to Bizon Pics page; Added my brother's new 6.8 AR;

3/30/2010: Updated Saiga-12 page with new magwell info; Updated SP4 info page; Small edit to Dad's Bain & Davis conversion page;

3/17/2010:  Added Rifles page;  Added a pic to my bro's AR page;  Minor update to the Galil info page;

3/11/2010: Added some pics and info to my Shotguns and Shotgun Reloading pages; Added some more pics to the 9x39 info page;

2/15/2010: Corrected a few typos in the reloading section of my P90 page; Updated Saiga-12 page; Added Wyco shotgun page; Updates to the Shotgun page;

2/8/2010: Added pics of my new 6.5mm Swedish Mauser;

1/28/2010: Added some reloading docs to my Skydrive site;

1/16/2010: Added some shotgun load info I gathered from various sources; Added Texan Shotshell Loader information page;

1/15/2010: Added more VZ and bolt release images;

1/14/2010: Added some Yugo M21 pics; Updates for the 6.5x55 AK build page;

1/6/2010: Added all-brass shotshell reloading notes to the shotgun loads page;

12/26/2009: Added some interesting pics of new Izhmash riles to the AK-100 page; Added a new sling idea to the Parts page;

12/22/2009: Added Saiga-12 pistol grip info; Updated the AR Cartridge Conversions page with piston build info; Updated Shotgun pages; Added pic of  the .44?? "Gunco Special" cartridge; added pics of the OTS-48K Mosin Bullpup;

12/5/2009: Updated 6.5x55 AK build progress;

11/17/2009: Added 6.5MPC cartridge info to the AR Cartridge Conversions page; added some information to the shotgun reloading page.

11/10/2009: Added some info to the AR Cartridge Conversions page

10/12/2009: Updated both Gear and Cartridges page; Added a pic of my RPK build; Fixed pics on the Barrel Pressing page; Added PKM build conceptual pics; Added information about modifying a floating bolt to a spring-loaded bolt to the Fire Control Group construction page; Added several docs to my Skydrive files page; Added pics of a real live Pookie; Added BIY knurling tool diagram; Added some 9x39 reference info;  Added link to chamber reaming on my Barrel Assembly page; Added additional information to SP-4 ammo page;

10/6/2009: Added SP-4 Ammo information page under the Cartridges page; Added some more close-up photos of the Groza, Val, and VSK-94 rifles to the Groza and 9x39 Info page; Added some Bizon magazine capacity info and Vityaz close-up pics to the  Bizon page;  Added Saiga-12 bullpup conversion info to the Bullpups page and linked to the Saiga-12 page;  Added shooting vids to my Skydrive vids page and linked to both P90 and VZ58 pages; added some VZ58 pics; Updated a few links;

10/2/2009: Update FAL page with my new addition;

9/29/2009: Updated Optics page, corrected link on Optics page; 45 WinMag AK update;

9/14/2009: Galil build update;

9/11/2009:  Added another 6.5x55 AK progress report;

9/9/2009:  Updated 45 WinMag info; added 6.5x55 AK progress report;

9/6/2009: Added Galil pics and build updates;

9/4/2009: Added Galil pics; added AR-180 pics and KKF info to AR page; added more FAL images; added a few FNC images; added more Optics info; Added more Korobov bullpups and Groza pics and info; Added more pics to Gear page; Added galil magazine upgrade info to the Magazines page; Added some Fun Stuff; Added information to AK Pistol Build page; Added more Vitiaz pics to the Bizon page; Added Saiga-12 latch diagram to S-12 page and Templates page; Updated main Shotguns page; Added some info to the Swaging page; Updated the MG47 Beltfed AK page; Added my dad's 357/44 page and 357 Auto Mag page under the Cartridges page; Added lathe thread pitch info to the Dimensions page; Added some info to the AK Flatbending page; Added Polytech info to the AKM page; Added pics of my new Mosin to my Funstuff page; Added Georgian war images to AK page; Added diagram and pics for the Walt-Oxie barrel pressing jig to the AK barrel pressing construction page; Added various pics to the AKM page;

5/17/2009: Added PKM Pics and updated PKM pages; Added a few 9x39 cartridge pics; Updated Groza DIVX vids on my SkyDrive video page; Added AMP-69 pics to AMD page; Added 1PN34 Info to Optics page; Added PSL pics to AK Variants page; Started 6.5x55 AK conversion page; Started Shotgun reloading page (under resources/swaging); Updated Shotgun page with 12Gauge FH and AA-12 info; Updated 45-70 info page; Added 2009 range pics; Corrected links on my two AR Calibers and non-AR calibers pages; Added AK Paint info; Updated Links page;

5/16/2009: Added Saiga12 threads to Dimensions page; Updated Murphy's Laws of Combat page; P90 updates; FAL page updates; Updated pages: Saiga-12; AK Parts page; Swaging page; Added AK Books to SkyDrive; 45 WinMag;

10/3/2008: Updated Saiga-12 page and build info;

8/31/2008: Added bullet swaging info; Updated Uzi page;

7/31/2008: Added 9x39 pictures of actual 9x39 round!; Updated shotguns page; Added vids link to Groza page;

7/25/2008: Added some info to the AR caliber conversions page;

7/1/2008:  Updated bullpups info; Added VZ accessory pics;

5/14/2008: Added some minor miscellaneous info to the AK Components page, 45-70 AK Build page, SVU scope rail page; Updated Saiga-12 Shotgun page; Added pics to the bullpups page; Updated 45 Win Mag AK build page; Added Gepard SMG info to AK Pistols page; Added pics to 9x39 page;  Updated the Cartridge Dimensions page;

4/22/2008: Added 45-70 AK Barrel pics and research of Marlin barrel

4/19/2008: Added more cartridge dimensions;

4/15/2008:  Updated STG-940 build page; Added more Galil mag adapter pics to Galil page; Added more MG42 pics; Updated PKM pics; Added chamber casting information to the Barrel Assembly construction page; Updated side-folding stock Assembly construction page; Added to the Parts resource page; Added range pics;

4/14/2008: Added Parts Count Data from Soupbowl archive page for Saiga Shotguns and others; Added Saiga-12 info; Reorganized the AK Variants navigation structure; Added to the AK Pistol showcase; Updated 45-70 AK build page; Added to .308 SVU build page; Added more AKSU images; Updated Rivet Location construction page;

4/10/2008: Added foregrip rail mod page (to Resources/Parts section); Updated P90 rail pics; Updated Optics page; Added cartridge dimensions page to Resources; Added 45-70 AK Build Page; Updated Paint and Wood finish pages; Added PSO Shim mount tutorial page to Optics section; Added Skydrive video link to my pics page; Added 45 WinMag page to Bullpups.

12/27/2007: Updated Bullpup image list; Added AR caliber conversion info; P90 and 5.7x28 info;

12/26/2007: Added more STG pics; updated VZ build info; updated 9x39 pages

11/14/2007: Updated 9x39 pages;

11/13/2007: Added more info to P90 page;

11/6/2007: Added AKSU info; Updated VZ58 info page; Added more Links; Updated AK side folder stock assembly page; Updated P90 page; Updates to the Saiga-12 page.

11/5/2007: Reorganized bullpup info and 9x39 caliber pages; updated .308 AK SVU clone page

9/29/2007: Added link to bullpups page;

6/13/2007:  Small update to Legal page

6/5/2007:  Added Optics Page under Resources - Components page

6/4/2007:  Added AK Construction page for Trigger Guard Latch and Spring

5/31/2007:  P90 page: info addition; STG940 page: info addition; AKSU page: info addition; Added VZ-58 Accessories and Gallery page; MG42 images/accessories page: info addition; Added PKM build page; FNC pics update; G3 pic addition; Saiga12 pics update; Bizon pics update

5/30/2007:  Added Galil variant (CR-21) page; Parts and Accessories page: info update; AKSU page: info update;  MG42 page: info update; MG42 spade grip page addition; Added MG42 image page

5/29/2007:  Started tracking changes; VZ-58 page: build updates; AKSU page: build and info updates; AK piston installation page: minor edits; Added AK spot welder rail construction page; AK rail fabrication: info update