Picture Time!


Bits and pieces of my collection...

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My new video storage location is my Windows Live Skydrive site

A real live Pookie!

Rhodesian Army developed the "Pookie" mine resistant vehicle with a unique concept - a small, lightweight vehicle that uses racing car tires to distribute the weight of the vehicle over a wider area, thereby avoiding pressure activation of mines.  Clever!



My USP Compact and Chupathingy, er, Warthog... if you've never seen the Halo-inspired online series Red vs. Blue  then you wouldn't understand... but you should watch the series anyway, it really is top-notch.

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Newest pistol addition - Springfield Armory XD-40 subcompact


Happiness is, a full gun safe... 


... or all of your collection out on display.  These pics were made just before I sold my G36 and FNC:


And my Dad's newest toy, his drum mag for his 1911 beater:

Various pics...

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The IDF Girls:  

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Osama voted '04: 
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A random AK Girl... :)


Did we really need any more reason to go? 


Robarms M96 beltfeed prototype - after 5+ years, no word that it will be built.  And since RobArm has discontinued this promising rifle, "Oh well..." It looked cool anyway...

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Various camo patterns



My dad's typical deer camp




Halo Stuff!