Range Pics

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Moose with Tony's Remington 700.  dscn2115.JPG (171192 bytes)    DSCN2116.JPG (169628 bytes)   

Tony with my FNC:  DSCN2117.JPG (161306 bytes)

Range Boy, go swap those targets! DSCN2118.JPG (155089 bytes)

DSCN2119.JPG (161149 bytes)    DSCN2120.JPG (167564 bytes)    DSCN2121.JPG (166454 bytes)    DSCN2122.JPG (173502 bytes)

Does the FAL kick hard?  DSCN2125.JPG (174399 bytes)    Um, yes it does! DSCN2132.JPG (162283 bytes)

Me & My Uzi    DSCN2131.JPG (161087 bytes)   


More Fun At The Range - March 2004

Quality time with my Italian Beauty.  She likes to eat Russian cuisine.

DSCN3584.JPG (160562 bytes)    DSCN3609.JPG (168342 bytes)

Playing with Tone's .45.  I shoot BETTER with his .45's than with my H&K .40 S&W.  Hrm.

DSCN3585.JPG (152183 bytes)    DSCN3586.JPG (163385 bytes)    DSCN3589.JPG (173109 bytes)

I think my HK needs a trigger job, because it is much more "tight" and not smooth.  His Smith .45 *and* his Glock .357 Sig are both much more smooth.  Even his Para-Ordnance P-10 was more smooth.

I highlight of that day was when we introduced Michael to handguns. 

What better - and safer - way than with a Police Officer!

DSCN3599.JPG (174446 bytes)    DSCN3600.JPG (176656 bytes)    DSCN3581.JPG (168136 bytes)    DSCN3582.JPG (168397 bytes)    DSCN3583.JPG (172817 bytes)   


DSCN3605.JPG (180839 bytes)    DSCN3606.JPG (174858 bytes)    DSCN3608.JPG (181658 bytes)   

We even got Julie to come along!

DSCN3601.JPG (177296 bytes)    DSCN3602.JPG (173763 bytes)   

She even tried out the SPAS...

DSCN3603.JPG (173164 bytes)    DSCN3604.JPG (177065 bytes)   

... the had to nap on the way home.  Guess it was too much for her :)

DSCN3614.JPG (397234 bytes)