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Pookie's Project Pink

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This is the saga of the World's (possibly) First PINK AK-74.

This project evolved from some conversations on the www.gunco.net AK BIY forum.  In summary, the girlfriend wants an AK, but it has to be "pretty"... in Pink.

Luckily, I have a screw-build Hesse-receiver Bulgy '74 (see parent page).  This was my first kit build, which I built via the screw method on a Hesse 100% receiver.  Due to the fact that I've evovled into a "historically accurate" builder, the nature of both screw builds and Hesse receivers lend themselves to adaptation into the Pink Project.

Concept drawing to validate approximate colors.  Baby Blue and "pink" are the colors of choice.  My photoshop skills aren't all that great, so this is the best I can develop on short notice:

I have emailed Lauer Custom Weaponry for info regarding Duracoat in Pink.  They carry it!  It is called "Pink Lady".

Baby Blue- we chose Glidden Lake Crest (50BG 55/241) as the Blue.  Walt Disnety's "Mickey Sailor Blue" was the 2nd choice, but it appears to be too light.  We can't be sure until the Pink Lady duracoat arrives for comparison.


Wood Stock

I started by using a standard Bulgy '74 wood stock set I bartered from my dad.  I sanded the shellac overcoat to give the paint some bite - since I'm using an enamel finish, I'm not too worried about "properly" stripping the shellac.

Before sanding.  Lake Crest Blue on the left, Mickey Sailor Blue on the right:

Note the Bulgy shellac is orange.  From Shellac.net, that is probably "orange shellac".  Possibly garnet shellac, but probably orange shellac.


Sanded... just enough to give the enamel a uniform surface.  Yes, I'm painting OVER the shellac!

Base coat.  Note the upper handguard just got it's 2nd coat in Lake Crest Blue, the rest is the 1st base coat of Mickey Sailor Blue.  The magazine body is also painted, as per the concept pic, but is NOT in this photo...

Stay tuned - Pink Lady is the next step before the next blue coats are applied - we are both on the fence as to whether or not the Lake Crest Blue is too dark for the Pink Lady Pink.  The Mickey Sailor Blue may go better with the Pink Lady, but that remains to be seen.

Final coat - turned out nice!  Ready for a gloss overcoat.


Pink Lady Pink

Metal finish in Duracoat "Pink Lady"




I have decided to try to dye a sling to either Pink or Blue.  I'm going to try Pink first...

The bleach turned the pine-green Bulgarian '74 sling into a lovely "natural nylon" yellowish color.  After drying out and sitting for a week, it turned nearly-white.



While this isn't "white white" I think it will be suitable to be dyed with RIT dye.  RIT makes both a Pink and Light Blue dye.  Both can be ordered online from www.ritdye.com.

I have ordered both the pink and blue.  She wants a pink sling.  This is after the sling was pulled out, ready to dry.  Dyes normally dry lighter than their wet look:



[compliance parts]

  1. receiver
  2. hammer
  3. trigger
  4. disconnector
  5. floorplates