Texan Loader


I picked up a Texan Shotshell reloader for *cheap*.


I've read that Texan was apparently sued by MEC for copyright infringement... looking at the parts and configuration I can see why!  :)  Seems to be a really sound loader.  I cleaned up all the rust and ran a few test rounds through and it seems to load up good.  The crimp station loads as good as my dad's MEC press but it adjusts differently. 

It was missing the primer seating attachment and the shell holder for the final crimp die.  I've managed to fabricate these parts on my lathe and mill.  I bought the newest style MEC crimp starter for use on the press.  Had to sleeve it to fit the press but it works!  At this point the press is ready for use and as I'm focusing on buckshot and slugs for now I'm not going to bother with the powder tubes. 

I believe there's a way to adjust it between 3" shells and 2 3/4" shells but I haven't bothered to figure it out since most everything I plan to shoot is 2 3/4" (for now).