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Clamp-on Scope Mount

This is a brilliant design from Kasat on the Canadian Gun Nutz forum.  He said in his post that the plans are free, but if someone markets it, to please contact him. 

This design provides a side-mount scope that uses the buttstock mount and the magazine release pin as the "hardpoints" for the mount.  This means you can add a scope mount without needing to drill on the receiver!

I have since observed some companies doing the same basic thing for an AK-style mount, however to the best of my knowledge, Kasat originated the design for the VZ:





This is commonly referred to as the "defender" but I do not know the deployment posture of this model.  It has "modernized" accessories including the integral scope mount on the foregrip, HK-style folding stock, and synthetic furniture.


Another one - this one with a newer aluminum foregrip and FAB buttstock:

Other stock configurations include a G36-styled rigid stock.  I have not found any pics of this one being able to fold.  There is also an AR style adapter for the AR collapsible stock.


The long-barrel bipod version - a squad support weapon?  Canadian model?  (The Czech Republic uses the ZB MG):

This is purportedly the "new issue" military brake - note the additional holes on the sides:

Original style brake


Extended magazine release - eliminates the need to reach "inside" the trigger guard:







Extended Bolt Release:



VZ-58 in 5.56 - they are available in limited quantities:












Informative threads from the Canadian Gun Nutz forum (requires registration!)

Sear "fail to reset" issue summary:


Bolt Release & Ambi mag release: